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Advisory board

The primary external advisory committee specific to the Jetstream project.

The Stakeholder Advisory Board (SAB) will be the primary external advisory committee specific to the Jetstream project. We will also seek advice and guidance from all existing XSEDE advisory committees, as well as advice from the Board of Directors of the EPSCoR/IDeA Foundation. The SAB will provide advice and assessment on plans for meeting guidance from the NSF review panel on those areas that Jetstream should focus on, but did not have in the original proposal, including:

  • Offering assessment on progress against milestones in the original proposal.
  • Providing Jetstream with feedback on priorities and plans for supplement requests.
  • How can Jetstream aid computer and computational science research to create more linkages with other NSF-funded projects to aid their future sustainability?
  • Reviewing other areas that should be considered beyond the original context of Jetstream

SAB Membership

Name Institution Role Area of Expertise/Guidance
Gwen Jacobs University of Hawaii Chair Neuroscience, cyberinfratstructure, networking
Rob Guralnick University of Florida Member Biodeversity, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Dennis Gannon Professor Emeritus, Retired (Microsoft) Member Computer Science (cloud computing)
Mohan Rammamurthy University Corporation for Atmospheric Research Member Atmospheric Science
Scott Brandenberg University of California Los Angeles Member Civil and Environmental Engineering
Rob Ricci University of Utah Member Computer Science
Kate Keahey University of Chicago Member Computer Science (cloud computing)
Joe Mambretti Northwestern University Member Networking
Julia Lane New York University Member Public Policy, Economics
Carl Boettiger University of California Berkeley Member Environmental Policy and Management
Thomas Siegmund Purdue University Member Mechanical Engineering