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IU's involvement extends from the Pervasive Technology Institute to the School of Informatics and Computing.

Leaders in the cloud

At Indiana University, Jetstream is led by staff of the Pervasive Technology Institute, under the leadership of Jetstream Principal Investigator and Director of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure, David Y. Hancock. Leadership of the project changed in February 2017 from Craig Stewart, PTI Executive Director and founding Jetstream PI. Stewart still serves as a Senior Investigator on the project.

Name Role Institution
David Y. Hancock Principal Investigator Indiana University
Ian Foster Co-Principal Investigator University of Chicago
Nirav Merchant Co-Principal Investigator University of Arizona
James Taylor Co-Principal Investigator Johns Hopkins University
Matthew Vaughn Co-Principal Investigator Texas Advanced Computing Center/UT Austin
Volker Brendel Senior Investigator Indiana University
Tim Cockerill Senior Investigator Texas Advanced Computing Center/UT Austin
David Lifka Senior Investigator Cornell
Marlon Pierce Senior Investigator Indiana University
Paul Rad Senior Investigator University of Texas San Antonio
Edwin Skidmore Senior Investigator University of Arizona
Craig A. Stewart Senior Investigator Indiana University
Steve Tuecke Senior Investigator University of Chicago
Therese Miller Project Manager Indiana University