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September 2016

Innovations from the early user phase on the Jetstream research cloud
Read about some of the early work being done with the system to create high performance clusters in an on-demand fashion to support scientific work directly, as well as serve as a back-end to scientific gateways such as CyVerse and Galaxy

Jetstream: Performance, early experiences, and early results
Here we review the purpose for creating Jetstream, present the acceptance test results that define Jetstream's key characteristics, describe our experiences in standing up an OpenStack-based cloud environment, and share some of the early scientific results obtained by researchers

February 2016

Jetstream annual report: Year one
Early accomplishments, products, participants, and impact, along with an assessment of changes and issues encountered along the way

August 2015

Technical report: Acceptance test for Jetstream test cluster
Details on the system and performance targets, methods used to perform the acceptance tests, and performance achieved on the Jetstream test cluster

July 2015

Jetstream: A self-provisioned, scalable science and engineering cloud environment
Explore the motivations behind Jetstream – its functions, hardware configuration, software environment, user interface, use cases, and challenges in implementation

June 2015

Jetstream: A distributed cloud infrastructure for under-resourced higher education communities
Extending the reach of the NSF's eXtreme Digital (XD) program, especially to those in communities and at institutions that lack significant cyberinfrastructure resources.