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2019 Program Overview

Jetstream is the National Science Foundation’s first production cloud computing system. The goal of Jetstream is to increase access to cloud computing resources to researchers in the long-tail-of-science (including social science and humanities research).

Students will work with Indiana University researchers and staff to do mentored research projects about Jetstream. Potential research topics include efficient utilization of Jetstream for data analytics tasks, minimizing energy consumption via dynamic load balancing, best practices with big data analytics using Jetstream, best practices with compute-intensive humanities projects.

Students in foreground next to jetstream sign and staff in background


Students smiling and working on laptops

Students will receive a generous stipend and, if needed, accommodations in one of IU's dorms for the duration of the experience. Most program activities will be conducted on the IU campus (Bloomington, IN); however, we anticipate travel to a conference (travel expenses provided). Program dates are expected to be May 30 - August 2, 2019.
Application due date is March 31, 2019.


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