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Cloud services

Use virtual machines interactively from public and private libraries.

Virtual machines

Jetstream is an on-demand cloud environment that provides a library pre-configured virtual machines to support analysis and collaboration in a variety of disciplines. These VMs are tuned to specific scientific research types, taking the tools you typically need for a research area and tailoring them – along with libraries and other dependencies – so everything is ready to go once you launch the VM. Jetstream is “programmable cyberinfrastructure” enabling you to have direct access to OpenStack APIs if that better suits your workflow, or if you’re interested in deploying a persistent science gateway. New services are continuously in development and available for early testing by our community. These services include OpenStack Heat templates for launching virtual clusters on-demand, OpenStack Magnum for integration with container orchestration platforms (Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, and Apache Mesos), OpenStack Manila for shared file system deployment, and S3-compatible/Swift object storage.

Browse images and launch new instances.

Generic Linux-based VM configurations also are available, so you can create your own VMs. When you create a custom VM, you can save it for future reuse either as a personal VM in your private library or a shared VM available via the public library.

VM Flavor Name vCPUs RAM (GB) Local Storage (GB) SU cost per hour*
m1.tiny 1 2 8 1
m1.small 2 4 20 2
m1.medium 6 16 60 6
m1.large 10 30 60 10
m1.xlarge 24 60 60 24
m1.xxlarge 44 120 60 44
s1.large** 10 30 120 10
s1.xlarge** 24 60 240 24
s1.xxlarge** 44 120 480 44

For details on launching, logging into, customizing and saving a VM, visit the help wiki.

To request a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for publishing and sharing your Jetstream VM, view our DOI requests page.